Silverstein-smoke-car-childState Senator Ira Silverstein (D–Chicago) recently introduced a plan creating a penalty for adults who smoke in a car with minors.

“Second-hand smoke has serious health effects, and Illinois already restricts smoking indoors. This protects children from prolonged, enclosed exposure to smoke in an even less-ventilated setting,” Silverstein said.

The plan, Senate Bill 2659, creates an up-to $100 fine for any motorist who smokes tobacco, marijuana or any other combustible substance in a car with a person under the age of 18.

Police will not be able to pull over drivers simply because of this offense.

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Silverstein-052313br0137State Senator Ira Silverstein (D–Chicago) introduced a plan this week requiring firearm owners to have at least $100,000 of insurance coverage for firearm related accidents.

“Illinois already requires liability insurance for a potentially life-threatening automobile accidents and an accidental discharge of a firearm can cause just as much—if not more—harm,” Silverstein said.

Any insurance policy would specifically protect a firearm owner from the cost of damages that are the result of negligence or willful acts. The policy would extend to a firearm carried by an individual or any gun owned by that person.

The proposal, Senate Bill 2646, would give Illinois State Police the authority to revoke a person’s Firearm Owner’s Identification card if he or she does not have the appropriate insurance. The State Police would also be able to deny a FOID card application if the person does not have coverage.

“This is about protecting the public and extending legal protection to individual firearm owners,” Silverstein said.

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HomelessnessSPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois’ homeless will be given equal rights to access public buildings, voting and other basic rights now that a measure sponsored by State Senator Ira I. Silverstein (D–Chicago) was signed into law today.

“The homeless deserve to be afforded the same basic rights as any other citizen in our state,” Silverstein said, “This law will allow homeless people to get back on their feet, find work and improve their situation.”

Homeless individuals face discrimination in situations for merely lacking a mailing or home address, especially when filling out job applications or showing proof of residency when attempting to vote.

“Many of us who enjoy these rights take them for granted and do not realize that something as simple as not having a physical address would keep us from utilizing these rights,” Silverstein continued.

The measure lists seven rights that will be extended to the homeless:

  1. Move freely through public buildings, parks, sidewalks and transit systems;
  2. Equal treatment from all state and municipal agencies;
  3. Freedom from employment discrimination based on a lack of a mailing address;
  4. Emergency medical care;
  5. Register to vote and vote;
  6. Confidentiality of private records and other personal information;
  7. A reasonable expectation of privacy with regard to personal property.
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SilversteinSenator Ira Silverstein welcomed Jim Bottorff of the Skokie Park District to Springfield today. Bottorff and representatives of more than 50 other park districts were at the Capitol for their annual Parks Day to advocate for legislation favorable to maintaining and growing public parks, forest preserves, nature areas and other recreational facilities.

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