silverstein walkout 031518SPRINGFIELD– Long-time gun safety advocate Senator Ira Silverstein spoke in the Senate today about his commitment to banning assault weapons in Illinois. House Bill 1465, which would stop those under 21 from purchasing assault weapons. It passed in the Senate this afternoon along with additional gun safety measures House Bill 1467 and 1468.

“Assault weapons have no place in our communities. Personally, I believe that means in the hands of those over 21 years of age as well,” Silverstein said. “All three bills we are considering today will almost certainly save lives. Assault weapons and bump stocks are nothing more than killing machines.”

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letter to governor re gun dealer licensingYesterday, I sent a letter to the governor urging him to sign the Gun Dealer Licensing Act to stem the flood of illegal guns into our state.

Twenty-one percent of guns taken by Chicago police were sold in Indiana, and if they won’t tighten their own laws, we must act to protect our own people.

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conc carry 022718SPRINGFIELD- Senator Ira I. Silverstein (D-Chicago) believes Illinois’ concealed carry licensing process can be strengthened by including an additional step: an extra measure of security gained through requiring local law enforcement review.

“At a time when we are talking about preventing weapons from getting into the hands of someone who may be a risk to public safety, himself or others, I believe it is reasonable to close this loophole in the licensing process,” Silverstein said. “If local law enforcement knows of no reason to deny the license, the applicant will be approved and the process completed.”

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ar 15Sales of weapon like that used in Florida mass shooting would be banned in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD– Long-time gun safety advocate State Senator Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago) has introduced a measure to address the sale of assault weapons, such as the AR-15, that have been used in countless mass shootings in America.

Senate Bill 3297 will make it illegal to sell assault weapons in Illinois. The legislation spells out which weapons are included in the definition of assault weapons and also includes the sale of so-called “large capacity ammunition feeding devices” of more than 10 rounds in a single magazine, belt or drum.

“Since December, I have been meeting with groups in my district about their concerns with gun violence, and particularly the sale of automatic weapons and their ammunition,” Silverstein said. “I drafted and filed this legislation in January because I am sick of seeing people in our schools, churches and public spaces mowed down by those who possess these killing machines.”

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